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Mission Statement

 The mission of the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame is twofold:

   To recognize those individuals and teams that have made significant contributions to sports and have achieved a high standard of athletic success representing the honored traditions of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

    To support, in a meaningful way, Kosair Charities, which does so much toward providing world-class medical care for thousands of children throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Nomination Procedure

Our Class of 2015 was inducted on June 17, 2015, and nominations for the Class of 2016 are now closed.

Currently we are accepting nominations  for our Class of 2017.
The nomination deadline for the Class of 2017 is August 31, 2016. KAHF nominations are accepted year-round.

Criteria for induction
The by-laws of the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame (KAHF) state, in part, that, A nominee must either be a native-born Kentuckian or have achieved, or contributed to, athletic success that casts favor on the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The by-laws go on to say that, Nominees shall be selected each year by a Selection and Induction Committee that may include sports writers and sports announcers. More specific committee considerations are available upon request, but key among provisions in the by-laws is that, All nominations by the Selection and Induction Committee must be ratified by the [KAHF] Board of Directors, and such ratification shall constitute confirmation of the nominees as members of the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame.

Who is eligible?
In essence, any adult athlete, coach or sports-related figure, male or female, amateur or professional, living or deceased, with a deep-seated Kentucky connection and a record of high achievement  in competitive sports is eligible for nomination to the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame. The nominee need not be retired from sports.  While the preponderance of inductions comes from the ranks of the major sports, any athletes who have brought fame and recognition to Kentucky through their contributions and achievements in sports are eagerly sought for consideration. (High school athletes will be considered for the annual  High School Athletes of the Year recognition, which is held in conjunction with the Hall of Fame induction  event.)

What sports are included?
Among past inductees, in addition to numerous football, basketball and baseball standouts, are a trans-Atlantic rower, a World Cup skier, an Olympic gold medalist swimmer, championship boxers, gymnasts, golfers, race car drivers, officials, administrators, sports writers and broadcasters, game announcers, promoters, trainers, team physicians, jockeys, thoroughbred breeders, and even the celebrated racehorse Secretariat! Candidates who excel in the newer sports are sure to emerge soon.


Kentucky sports excellence is key!

In short, all Kentucky athletic greats will receive consideration when nominated. It is the intention of this process that nominees will be selected who have brought enduring fame and honor to Kentucky through participation in sports on a local, collegiate, national or international basis. Thus, a nominee should have a clear connection with Kentucky before or during his or her period of excellence.


Number of Inductees Selected Each Year
While no specific number of annual inductions is prescribed, in recent years induction classes of eight or nine have been characteristic. However, members, coaches, staff and owners of the 1974-1975 Kentucky Colonels, ABA champions, were inducted as a group!

Nomination Forms

Nominations are open to the public and an online form is available for online viewing and printing out here.

If you would prefer to use a word processor program, the nomination form, including the introductory text and instructions on this web page, may be downloaded in RTF (rich text format, which is compatible with most all word processors). Get it here: KAHF Nomination.

You may fill out the form and return it by email to the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame, or, even better, you may print it out and mail it in along with supporting documentation, such as resumes, news clippings, school records and action photos to:

Kosair Charities

ATTN: Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame
P.O. Box 37370 
Louisville, KY 40233

Phone: (502) 637-7696         Fax: (502) 637-7698



Read about the KAHF Wall of Fame here:  




Our Class of 2015 was
inducted June 17, 2015,
and the nomination period for the
Class of 2016 has now passed.
Now we are accepting
 candidates for our
 Class of 2017.
 The nomination deadline
 for the Class of 2017
 is August 31, 2016.
 KAHF nominations are
 accepted year-round 
from this page.

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